You should treat your BJJ Gi like your best suit. With proper care, you will maintain a good fit and help prolong the life of the gi. Most Gi tags recommend that after a gentle wash to hang dry your Gi.

In fact, most gi manufactures advise against using any type of clothes dryer or drying machine. You do not need to add to the wear and tear that your gi already goes through on the mats. The Gi hook lets you hang your gi so it air dries naturally. This will save it from the abuse of the dryer and make it last longer.

Drying with hot air is known to make colors fade so for those of you that have colored gis, it can help make the color last longer. You should also think about how machine drying with affect your patches and embroidery.  Once those fade or get ruined, it’s costly and very time-consuming to replace them.

The Gi Hook provides you the option of having an indoor or outdoor drying system. It is known that the sun will likely contribute to killing bacteria/germs on the gi and help it dry faster. Please check with the gi’s manufacture or do your own research on the sun’s effects on bacteria. Drying outside can also give a fresh air smell.


If you are looking for a better way to hang and air-dry your BJJ Gi the Gi Hook will do the job. The Gi Hook will work for Gi’s as small as K2 all the way up to an A5. OSS

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