Frequently Asked Questions

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Will the Gi Hook make my Jiujitsu better?

It just might because you can get back on the mat quicker. It will help your Gi air dry better and help preserve the Gi’s life.

Will my Gi be wrinkle free?

No, but it will help your Gi look healthier.

How long will it take for my Gi to dry?

That will depend on many factors – room temperature, ambient light, relative humidity, altitude, proximity to the
sun, effectiveness of your washer’s spin cycle and air circulation. The Gi Hook opens the Gi top and allows for the
pants to hang free for maximum air-drying speed.

Where can I hang my Gi Hook?

Where ever you want. The metal hook is 2” so anywhere you can use a standard hanger.

Why is the Gi Hook attached to the metal hanger with rope?

So you can get 90 degree hang option. This allows for more hanging configurations than a standard fix hook.

Is the Gi Hook FAA approved?

It is not a weapon. FAA approval is in process.

Will the Gi Hook make me sexier?

It won’t hurt. When you look good, you feel good and you do good.